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IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, PA Frederick, 20. Dec 2006 21:11

Posted By Eddy Lucast Thursday, February 07, 2008 7:26 AM
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Eddy Lucast
 Posted Thursday, February 07, 2008 7:26 AM

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IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, PA Frederick, 20. Dec 2006 21:11
I'm new here so I don't know what has and hasn't been posted. I'm looking for someone who has restored or who has an originional International 4070 Transtar 2 Eagle COE. I would like to get some info about this truck (they are my fav of all time), and some info on restoring and buying one (i.e. what they are worth). I'm a truck-driver (big surprise) so I won't be able to check this everyday, but I will try extra hard to do so.

Thanks a bunch, I hope to be on here a lot in the future!

P A Frederick
Flora, IL

ps I would also like to have some good pics of these trucks. Everything, inside outside, all of it!

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, Charlie Hatfield, 20. Dec 2006 21:18
Look in archives for post by Brandon Wadell. He posted a lot of pictures. Also look in photo gallery.

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, R.Earl White, 20. Dec 2006 21:33
welcome to the channel.. i used to drive a transtar II eagle 4070 it was a show truck but when the boss bought it (sight unseen it was delivered to the yard by the owner) my self and younger brother took the truck and started cleaning and washing the truck inside and outside .. when i was washing the outside it started changing colour instead of a dirty brown (as it was registered) it was maroon silver and black with eagles on the back the sleeper it was about a ton lighter when it was washed and the garbage was cleaned out the cab and under the bunk .. but it was a rough riding truck with the 350 detroiit and 13 underdrive tranny 44000 lb walking beam rears with polished alumin wheels tanks and grill

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, PA Frederick, 20. Dec 2006 21:48
thats the problem with a lot of the Transtar & Transtar 2's. A lot of farmers bought them when they got cheap (after they released the newer model in '82) and now they are covered in mud and dirt and the sheet metal is rusted through, or it has big dents in it. Its hard to find one you would want to restore. I'm looking, but to no avail. I saw a real nice '79 in Feb at the IH truck sales in Effingham, IL. The guy is from TN, but he buys his parts there, because they can still get them. The paint was all original. It only had 127,000 mi on it. It was really nice. Had the dual chrome stacks, all alum wheels, a chrome chicken wing on top, and chrome everwhere IH put on the Eagles (which was quite a bit). I don't know the guys name and I only got 1 pic with my cell phone, but that was a very nice truck.

I'm looking for one to restore so I can run it. I want a good working truck that I can be proud of.

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, John Costley, 21. Dec 2006 00:44
Theres a good one in WOT right now, if youre not a member yet ( you should be ) you can go to the classified ads section of this site and see a pic. and the ad.Its a '78 with the optional aluminum cab, great choice if you dont want to have to worry about rust in the future, pretty hard to find one in my area because of the cost of the option when new.It also has a twin turbo big cam Cummins.The boys in Pittsburgh can set that up to outpull any new electronic engine and get better mileage doing it, with a good long lifespan to boot.Its also a low mileage unmolested Eagle.Be hard to find a better starting point to build a working truck.Some good brochures here, scroll all the way down, 3 & 4 from the bottom.Also check Hanks place, Good luck.John

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, Freightrain, 21. Dec 2006 05:43
I know of a single axle 4070, probably early 70's model, Cummins powered for sale. It's got wagon wheels on it and owned by a local motorcycle/boat place. I think they used it to haul their supply trailer around. I've seen it there for years now, but now it's out front for sale. It's white and don't look hateful from the road.

1959 B61 15 gears of twin stick, black smoke huff'n fun

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, PA Frederick, 21. Dec 2006 08:39
No, I'm not a member yet, (although I should be) so I can't see the ad. (with Christmas almost here, money is a little tight) I would like to look at it, sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Who did you refer to that works on those big cam twin turbo cummins that can make them more powerful? I would definately spend the extra money to have them work on it. I'm sure it would be worth it. And I looked up the photo gallery to sent me, wonderful pictures!


 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, Rick Anderson, 21. Dec 2006 08:49
Every thing takes a little time and money. Save up the $37 for the membership - thats pretty small potatoes compared to having the Pittsburg boys build you a high performance Cummins!!!
A friend from our Chapter bought two single axle II's from Frank Maletesta out east - he's always got some stuff for sale in WOT. Don't think they were Eagles though. This is not of of the first ones he bought I guess
Proud to be a Swede, but won't be driving a Volvo!!

Chap 05 010.jpg (58.44 KB)

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, Freightrain, 21. Dec 2006 12:08
Something like this:  

1959 B61 15 gears of twin stick, black smoke huff'n fun


 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, John Costley, 21. Dec 2006 12:52
You should be able to look in the classified section ( in the top header on the home page ) even though youre not a member yet.See the pic below.Really ought to join though, its worth the money just to get the magazine, not to mention the yearly show truck issue.Also, click on options at the top of the screen and enable youre email so the little yellow envelope shows on youre post.some folks dont like to post here, but they will email you helpful stuff.
The " boys in Pittsburgh " are at Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh. Nobody does it better. After you enter the site, scroll down the menu on the left and click on " Bruce's horsepower and torque articles ".Read it all, start to finish without jumping around.If youre thinking of printing it its about 80 pages,lol.A pretty good education for a little bit of reading.That twin turbo wouldnt need a full rebuild with those low miles, a good tune up by those guys would get you well over 500 hp, enough to kick the snott out of most electronics on the road.
The Fella with the twin turbo eagle also has an aluminum cab single axle Transtar with a 290 Cummins.I didnt mention it because you said you wanted to build a working truck, not just a hobby truck.Being from the NE its hard to think of a single axle as an O/O tractor, only the teamsters/freighthaulers use them up here.Since you want to build a working truck, hold out for the nicest one you can find that you can afford, hopefully one that has most of the "building blocks" you want.since youre in the sno belt i'd definatly go with the aluminum cab.A cummins is the easiest to build big power into and they arent hard to work on, either by you or a small local shop.Parts should be easy enough to find on the road too.You might not be able to buy the one that I mentioned right now but be patient.When the times right you'll find one.John

wot_ND06-I-12_small.jpg (38.49 KB)

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, PA Frederick, 21. Dec 2006 13:49
I went to the classified ads section and I looked at the link you sent me for the picture. That is exactly what I am looking for right now. I probably won't be able to buy it right away, but I'm keeping my eyes open.

I need to spend the $ and become a member, but as I said, its Christmas, and money is tight. I would really like to get the magazine, it would give me something to read as I wait to get loaded!

You're right about the single axle on the ads. Probably not a bad little truck, but its a little too specialized. I want to get the truck up and going good and buy a 48' spread-axle reefer and get my own authority. There are plenty of places I could come back to around here, so I wouldn't have to deadhead too far. Thats just what I'm thinking about now.

Thats one reason I was glad to find this site: I didn't even know that an aluminium cab was an option. I don't know what options they offered, so I don't know what to look for.

Thank you so much for your help so far, I can tell I'm going to like it here!

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, joe ditchkus, 21. Dec 2006 15:56
I think the aluminum cab was standard on all CO 4070 cabs.The doors were made of steel on the 2 I had a 72 co4000 and a 74 co4070.I do not believe the steel cab was ever offered on the CO4070.The predessor to the 4070 was the Emeryville which had a standard steel cab and aluminum as an option.

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, skeeter, 21. Dec 2006 18:11
The CO 4000's betwen the emeryvilles and transtars had alum cabs with steel doors.. got one one of the first ones made.. serial# 3658H

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, Mike Horrie, 21. Dec 2006 19:20
Here is a picture of my work in progress 73 4070A

Attachments  (65.87 KB)

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, Brandon Waddell, 21. Dec 2006 19:37
My 1980 transtar eagle that I was having restored just got done today! It looks better then new, but i didnt bring it home b/c its pooring down rain here. I will get it home next week and get some pics posted on here. Cant wait till spring so I can hit up some shows with it. When you get ready to buy a truck, let me know PA. Im always trading in old transtars and have a couple sitting around for sale. You should reallt join the aths group. It is worth every penny spent.

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, Freightrain, 22. Dec 2006 05:41
Now that is one AWESOME Binder! Very nicely done.
1959 B61 15 gears of twin stick, black smoke huff'n fun

 Re: IH 4070 Transtar II Eagle, Charlie Hatfield, 21. Dec 2006 20:37
Go to the local Tractor Supply and buy a Wheels of Times magazine. Best $4 you can spend on your self!

Eddy Lucast

man with wooden truck should be wary of "truck whisperer" with torch

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