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The Pressure is On

Posted By kblackav8or Friday, February 20, 2009 8:17 PM
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 Posted Friday, February 20, 2009 8:17 PM
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2009 is going to be busy busy busy until August at the very least. I have taken it pretty easy this past month since returning from deployment. What faces me now is getting back in the saddle for flying at work and wrapping up 2 major hobby projects.
In addition to duties of being a husband, dad, work, I am pretty immersed in my hobbies. It probably has taken away from the others at times but it has helped keep up morale and it is not destructive except to my disposable income and some consternation from the wife at times. The messy office doesn't help matters. At any rate as February winds down I have a status report and way ahead of sorts.
My 1971 Mustang Mach 1 is awaiting the completion of it's next engine (the one that is in it is perfectly healthy but lacks the brute power the car deserves) I have been accumulating parts for this engine since 2003 and now finally after almost 6 years I have all I need and the funds to put it together. Probably going to cost about what a good professional diesel rebuild runs when it tally's up. What is the result. The original goal was something that was 80% race motor based on late 80's early 90's Ford Nascar technology (for the most part). I am building a detuned version and running a fully sequential EFI system, dry sump oiling and crank triggered ignition. The expected power originally was very easy for the parts combination at around 550hp and low 400lb/ft or so torque. Not bad for a little 351. The block is NIB NOS Ford SVO racing block, the heads match up and are SVO C302B heads. These are the same casting that hurled Bill Elliot around Taladega (Ernie Elliot built) at 215mph in 89' if I recall correctly. That car partly led to the dreaded restrictor plate. At any rate my heads don't have as much work into them nor am I running much compression. Mine will have a very streetable 10.6:1 and will live on pump premium. The piston and combustion chamber and cam combination will support that historically. The cam grind I am using in basically a .30 overbored version of the same combination and with more headwork and compression made 730hp in a Pantera that was built in Maryland. That is quite a bit more then I was expecting. I have also been told by others that my original estimates of my combo are low. I was aiming to have a flatter torque curve and get 550 at the crank. Turns out I should expect the flat curve, nice overrev and more like 550 at the wheels. With the EFI and some tweaking I think it can be made to be fairly civilized all things considered. I will be running 65lb/hr fuel injectors. 1/2 fuel lines with a return are required to feed this monster. So as it stands now the short block is almost done. The heads are getting a rebuild and will be done in the next couple weeks. The challenge for me will be to determine if I have time from when it comes out of the shop in say 3 weeks to get it installed, wired and driveable before it gets loaded up in June to move to WA state. Otherwise the motor goes in a crate and waits until we are settled on the other end.
Meanwhile the KW may or may not get tires now depending on cost. I may default and make these make the trip and then go to Les Schwab once back in the NW for tires. It also needs a few brake issues worked out. I think I have a worn camshaft on one side on the front axle and need to check those brakes. On the back axle I suspect I have a warped drum because it tends to lock very easily. The shoes out back look new on the front drivers and maybe 50% or better on the rear. Going to change hoses and coolant, maybe run the top end if I can afford it (going to hire a fellow member to do the work) and finish the ongoing hitch project and build a drom deck to haul more stuff the movers won't move. I might be overweight too if I let them move everything and I really don't want to have a moving bill above what it will cost to get it all up there.
The good news is I have no school commitments anymore to conflict with my spare time. Work is now school with 2 major checks I need to complete at the end of training. I will probably be ready to start flying in about a month. 8-12 weeks later I will be done at last and the move commences. Lots to do, going to try and hit 1 or 2 shows here in CA while all this is happening and also maybe a track day before my new motor gets installed. No way will the new one be sorted for any track events this spring. All in all I am pretty blessed so far and hope to share it with some others soon.

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