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Eddy Lucast
 Posted Saturday, March 01, 2008 1:53 AM

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1. Login to the Research Library and you will see this menu in the upper left corner of your web browser.

2. Click the upload button seen circled as #2 above.

3. This page appears.

4. Find the folder, by make, your photo belongs in, circled as #1 above. Remember the folder number, 2400  for AA trucks in this example.

5. In the box circled as #2 above find file folder 2400.  

6. Rename you file using this format

makedatemodeldata i.e. Kenworth1973K100PHOTO.jpg

7. Click on the button in circle #4 above to find the file you wish to upload. After you select your photo it's path appears in the box circled in #3 above.

8. Type a short description of your photo in the box circled in number #5 above. i.e. year make and model.

9. Type a description up to 2 paragraphs after clicking the link circled in #6 above.

10. Upload your file by clicking on the Upload button circled above as #7.

Eddy Lucast

man with wooden truck should be wary of "truck whisperer" with torch