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Brownie in an old Fire Truck
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By Speed5105 - Wednesday, January 15, 2020 3:09 AM
So I am trying to come up with some info on the Brown Lipe that is in an old fire truck at my station. The engine and transmission were replaced some time in the late 70s and the information got misplaced as to what they came out of. The engine tag says Reo division, White Motor Co - Engine Number 0A130

The Trans Tag says Brown-Lipe Gear Box, Manufactured by Spicer, Ohio. Model 5031 - SN T281857

The truck is a 1936 American Lafrance pumper. We use it for parades and funeral details. The truck rarely sees 40 MPH. The problem we are having is it pops out of 2nd gear. We have found a shop willing to open it up and see what it needs but before doing so the company wanted to make sure we would be able to find parts if needed. Being in the automotive parts industry the task has been left to me.

So what I am looking for is any information I can gather on the transmission; approximate year, what it may have fit, where I may look for parts if anywhere. I know nothing of HD stuff.

Thank you
By Richard - Friday, January 17, 2020 4:14 AM
Jay About 15 years ago, I
bought well used Spicer 5831 and installed it in my 1971 Dodge D300 ( ! ton dually flatbed). These trans were developed and sold by Brown-Lipe
and I think Spicer bought them out somewhere along the line. Either way, they are old. I took mine out of the Dodge last year and installed a Gear Vendor Overdrive as the Spicer was getting very noisy and had a bad vibration. FYI Spicer made 8 variants of this model-- all look alike from the outside --18 13/32 long and weigh 155 lbs. Starting with the 5831, which you apparently have, they made the 5831A through 5831G. The difference was in the three possible ratios. and NOT ALL of the combinations had OD. The straight 5831 is listed as 0.73, 1.00, and 2.00 to one. Parts can be a problem, I fear, although I never had to look for any. Good luck with it.
By junkmandan - Tuesday, January 21, 2020 2:56 PM
5031 is the fore runner of the 5831 and has similar ratios. But it's probably 50-60s era , so you ain't gonna find parts on the shelf . Just a matter of inding another one and get lucky . Mounting provision on 5831 is somewhat different .
By Bruce Ohnstad - Tuesday, January 21, 2020 3:54 PM
when a transmission pops out of gear, is that a symptom of a loose bearing or weak spring on the shift rail detent? It's usually when the truck is under hard pulling, is that right?

By Speed5105 - Wednesday, February 05, 2020 6:29 AM
Thank you for the information. We are currently at a crossroads. The path we will likely take will be to replace the transmission with something a little newer that we will be able to find replacement parts for if needed. So now my research takes me to the Engine, I need to figure out as much as I can so we can figure out where to start. Any recommendations for a REO expert? HAHA

Thank You all again