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Cummins NH220 serial number info...
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By gmackay - Wednesday, January 22, 2020 9:39 PM
Hello all,

I'm exporting a 1961 Pacific logging truck to a buyer in the USA, and it turns out the border people on the USA side want the build date of the engine prior to shipping it into the states.

I'm pretty sure it's the original 220 Cummins... found what was labelled as "Engine No. 206037" on the data plate ahead of the fuel pump.
I've read on here that Cummins probably won't have records on an older NH like mine. Is the 6 digit number above the ESN or do I have to look elsewhere for a stamping on the block?

Also on the date plate are "Ref No: VS 60" and "SBM No: 34214", and "Model: NH220"

Any info on build specifics and date would be totally appreciated!


By Geoff Weeks - Thursday, January 23, 2020 1:49 AM
Cummins will have the info in all likelyhood. You'll have to get it from the factory, as most dealers will not spend the time. Over on Just Old trucks, Dieselsteveo works for Cummins and has pulled order and build sheets back to the 40's and earlier. 60's should be no problem.
By gmackay - Thursday, January 23, 2020 6:32 AM
Hi there thanks for the info... I contacted Cummins but they said the 6 digit number "engine number" was incorrect as an engine serial number.. do these older engines have an eight or more digit serial number stamped or cast into the block somewhere? Another friend here told me the 6 digit number is the serial number, I guess I'll look over the entire block and see what I can find. Cummins seems unable to look up anything with the info on the data tag on the engine. Thanks again.
By Geoff Weeks - Thursday, January 23, 2020 9:22 AM
Go over to JOT and shout out to Dieselsteveo, He is one of the people who restores the old engines for their museum, He'll be able to sort out what you need.
Your request might not be making it to the right people to sort it out, Dieselsteveo is the guy you need.
By gmackay - Thursday, January 23, 2020 3:49 PM
I'll give him a shout, thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Like you mentioned, probably was hooked up with the wrong people over at Cummins. Cheers
By Newto - Friday, January 24, 2020 9:12 AM
On those early engines the Engine Number is stamped on a machined pad just below the head on the front LH side (fuel pump side) sort of straight above the accessory drive assy.

They did have 6 digit numbers back then too......I've seen them starting with 6_____ but not 2______ but that doesn't mean much.

I believe the SBM number is the Shop Build Manifest.......(parts list) prior to using CPL's.

Hope that helps,