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Trailer name plates
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By rhilgy - Monday, February 03, 2020 8:03 AM
I'm a retired trailer salesman trying to gather (save) as many names as possible of the hundreds of trailer manufactureres that are mostly out of business over the 100 years. I'll put them together as a visual display for eventual donation to a museum (hopefully ATHS) along with photos of VIN plates, decal names not removable, and as much history as I can find for each maker.

As I work my way east to the 2020 ATHS show in Springfield, I'd appreciate leads on places where old, mostly pre-WW2 era trailers are sitting in storage at construction yards, scrap/recycling fields, etc. I find the owner and get permission to remove a name plate if it is one I need. Your help to find would be much appreciated. After all, the trucks wouldn't have much value if they didn't have a wagon to haul product with, so trailer history is as important as the trucks. Thanks!