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good ole 3406A block
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By Canadain Alf - Thursday, February 11, 2021 4:51 AM
i rolled my ole girl in the fall long story short im try in to geter running again haven trouble wont turn over ?was going roughly 50-70 mph hard to tell it was night time and wasnt driven like a ... .... blew steer tire
truck was a little more than on her side but not upside down ran about 30-60 seconds as i had to smash hoses out of way with my palm to get manual fuel shut off to work 12-36 hrs it sat like so before towing crew flipped it over and hauled it home didnt have time to mess with then have tryd few different things now ?drained out 1-1/2 gallons antifreeze out of oil had old starter with correct number of teeth changed it and it wont tyurn over thought maybe hydro locked? so i tighten up exhaust valves 2 turns each still wont turn over pulled out injectors no go?? ideas thought best way to get the great old engine running again
By Geoff Weeks - Saturday, February 13, 2021 12:33 PM
I'm more concerned about how the antifreeze got in the oil, unless the you broke the oil cooler, or water pump there is no connection between the two systems.
Not turning 360 could be a small chunk of carbon that broke free from the piston and is now stuck between the head and the piston.
By Newto - Saturday, February 13, 2021 11:17 PM
I'm a Cummins man but all engines are the same when it comes to checking what the problem is!!

First up you need to determine if its locked up in the bore or in the

Either on the flywheel or at the vibration damper at the front with a pry bar ,long screw-driver or jimmy bar see if you can move the crankshaft backwards and only have up to .017 thousands of an inch to play with but any movement is good.

If it moves back and forward then try using a screw-driver through the bottom hole in the flywheel housing....orrrr.....a socket and long wrench bar on the bolts holding the damper on and see if you have any slight rotation movement back & forth....any movement at all would indicate your big end bearings might be ok too so if both of those tests were ok it would then look like you have a cylinder seized up..(you say you had anti-freeze in the oil ) so obviously somehow you got water in the engine which may have caused one or more pistons to seize to the bore.

you have the injectors out so big doses of wd-40 or some other penetrant down the injector hole and some muscle on the flywheel ring gear might just free it up.

good luck......hope this helps.....