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The Adventures of Orrin Stevens
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By OrrinS - Saturday, August 22, 2009 4:04 PM



Thought, I could edit the fotos n' re-sequence them to make it easier to follow the work.  Not so, I learned.

A) First 48 fotos(sets1-->3) R from drive from NY State to Tonto's (aka-Buffalo Park like place on the Rez)...then north to: West Fargo, ND @ Jim's Towing, Inc. where combining of Big Blue(front 1/2) and Mrs Kaye(longer heavy duty frame) is taking place, even as you veiw these fotos! 

B) Fotos from sets 4-->9 R of my trailer loaded with frame n' stripped cab of Mrs Kaye, the red '76 KW.  The "Jed Shed" in top deck contains most of the parts from Mrs Kaye.  I sold Mrs Kaye in parts to owner of Jim's Towing.  He took the 1693, tranny, P/S and several other systems.  However, he didn't want the chassis and running gear nor all the new/used and extra parts I accumulated in winte '08 up In Kalispell @ John's Hanson's place.  Some fotos of Big Blue (outside)before the surgery while we removed RH fuel tank and fenders, etc.

C) Set 10 -->14 Show enough frame left to creat 228" WB, twin screw day cab ....fotos show Mrs Kaye's frame, cut off n' welded back on Big Blue.  Used a st'd Freightliner weld from their repaire book.  Then fotos of a Jim's tow trucks backing New Big Blue into a clean shop bay.  And the work started in earnest. As, you can see. Sets 11 n' 12 plumbing drive axels, adding couple new rearaxel service brake air cans.  Set 13 my 4 budd wheels get polished, plus 6 shots of the CT,., truck, the Seminole pain scheme in otner colors in the one I'll use eventually.  Set 14 shows some drive line choices, a few of the many tanks available, some newly added frame stopd, plus a few fotos of as WAI specimen.  The last 5 shots R from a local farmers collection.  See below...

D) ...OK, last 5 fotos from set 14 above n' sets 15-->20 are off topic and were taken on a local farm SE of Fargo, near Batesville, MN., several generations in the same family.  Not sure, but think 2-3,000 acres.  Big place in my way of thinking!  lots of IHC trucks(many KB series) n' lots of Internationsl n' Farmall tractors and "stuff" all around the barns and other out buildings.  Call him as I was interested in the red KB-2 up near his house, it was it the weekend for sale flyer!

E) Set 21 shows sleeper on my trailer in bay #3.  Note left rear corner neds patch blended in.  Also, we cut out ste-thru in back of A model cab and hole in back of sleeper for a camper crank out window.  It has shade and bug screen, also! Set 22 shows making both cut outs and a couple of shots at end of a long 18 hr day!

F) Sets 23-24 are of house n' gardens in Greenville, NY.  My uncle hybrodized(sp?) 12 different daylillies which he marketed fro a few years in the mid 40's 'til mid 50's.  Lot n' lots for work to keep a 200+ yr old house and barns from going to seed!

Ok, for the most part that's where the project was near end of last week, or Aug. 20th.  Hope you all enjoy.  Many thanks to Eddy for a lot of work in getting these added to the BB and allowing for a better understanding of the progress to date! 

G) This week 8/23 thr 8/28: we put the sleeper on the newly painted frame, them preped the sleeper, primed n' painted it one color coat(blue ...surprise).  It wasn't a very close match so 2-3 days later with a new shade of Blue we came v.v. close to the original Big Blue shade or tint.  Looks great.  Have put much of the Dynamay and some foam insluation in. 

Next Week: Getting close to putting the new upholstery in the cab and then plan to spray the old sleeper panels to match and install them.  Then the newer used IH seats, new matters in the sleeper and rework the clutch linkage(we had to shimmed the engine up a bit in front and lower the back)we'll be about 90% done.

Have a great weekend, all!


By Swishy - Saturday, August 22, 2009 6:44 PM


Could/would it l@@k Like this





By OrrinS - Saturday, August 22, 2009 6:56 PM

Yuppers, just squish the two of them together and ya got the Pick-Ture.  :D

Only, it's more pretty this time!  :cool:

By Cooter - Sunday, August 23, 2009 5:40 AM
looks good - I dont know how you have gotten all that work done so fast - gota see a done pict.  BUT-Orrin I am a little upset!  I go through all the work to make a twin of your truck and you go and do this!  What up with that!

If my brother and I ever get his done it will be like your new one. 1968 KW w900a tandem w/sleeper.


By Kid - Sunday, August 23, 2009 5:57 AM
BBO, lookin good. Understood most all the token pics too... a little something from here n there, about a few friends.. nice touch.

The only part so far I dont get, is where did the red 'hole' panel that got put in blue, come from? Its almost newer Pete size opening..

By kblackav8or - Tuesday, October 27, 2009 5:47 AM
I really like the two tone paint.
By Kid - Wednesday, October 28, 2009 4:40 AM
BBO, what ever happened to the rest of the pics?  ...the finish, etc... still waiting......
By Bill White - Friday, January 14, 2011 2:35 AM
I wanna get in that yard of goodies latsa fine rebuilders...........................Bill
By wayne graham - Friday, January 14, 2011 6:41 AM
Bill, Kinda like a kid in a candy store huh? Wayne
By Bill White - Friday, May 20, 2011 2:34 PM

That is for sure