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FEB 2010
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By kblackav8or - Friday, February 26, 2010 8:41 PM
With my job situation changing and the work to get into job hunting mode I haven't worked on my truck as much as I would have liked or my Mustang engine for that matter. I have gotten some things done on both recently. I rebuilt the drivers side mirror setup and only need to rewire the heater on that side. Thanks to Grant for the parts. Eventually I am going to mount my turn signals up there but still need to figure out if I use some brackets I have or what the part number is for 2 sided lights with the tubing clamps on them. I also fixed my windshield washer pump. That ties into my wet wiper blades I replaced about 9 months ago. Now they work great..except I need to replace or rebuild the air motors or go electric. Tonight I cut the first of 2 holes in the extra sleeper doors I have to install RV windows. I would say that was a little unnerving. But I got it done. Once the holes are cut I will either set them aside for a while or start looking to paint them ahead of my repaint of the whole truck. I need to make a decision on paint color? Do I go completely original OR do I paint the same blue/white colors as my Mustang? 3rd option is to paint it Black. Black's black truck. I think a nice A model looks very cool all black but I already have a black pickup so maybe I could skip that. Open to suggestions. Still haven't ever figured out what my trucks original color scheme was other then white and maroon. Has some maroon on some frame hangers and other places but that is about it other then the interior. I will probably repaint the interior metal a semi-gloss or satin black like the dash since there isn't much of it and it goes with anything. I will update this soon with how things are going. No convention for me this year it appears. If I go it will be a fly-in and fly-out or drive down for a day or two affair.