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How to Register for the Forums
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By Eddy Lucast - Sunday, February 17, 2008 4:11 AM

This is a new site and you must create a new account before you can log in.

How to register for the Forums

on the link in the upper left corner labeled Register.

Select your birthday from the drop down
list, then click on the Register button

Next read the Terms and Conditions.
Indicate you have read and agree with the terms by selecting
the checkbox and clicking on Register.

The registration Form appears

Please ensure you complete all fields fully to finish registration.
Once you complete registration you can begin participating
right away.
There are instructions to the left of
each box. At the bottom you will find the
Verification Process. I've pasted a picture of it
below. It's important that you copy the letters
and numbers you see below in the "Confirm
Code" box.
In this example you would have copied LBKPCH in the box.

Click on Submit Registration and you have
finished the registration process and are automatically logged
in using the account you just created