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May 2010
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By kblackav8or - Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:40 PM
It has been a big transition the past 2 months.  I was offered and accepted a job, retired from the Navy and did the training for the new gig.  I only have a couple hours of training left and I will be ready to go on shift.  The nice thing is I will have plenty of time when off shift to work on both my Mustang and the KW.  If my play money holds out I can get a lot done.  I have a nifty new air compressor as of today that can help my projects.  I have a friend offering me a nice 1" air gun to help out with tire/wheel removal.  Could be a nice upgrade.  My participation here on the forum will become sporadic more then likely when I am on shift.  Due to the bandwidth limitations on the ships I will be on.  In case anyone is wondering it will be this ship for the time being.  The white helicopter is what I fly.